Favorite smells


Four Pointer
Go easy on me guys but what are some of your favorite smells? This morning while scouring the pantry for a snack that smell of fresh coffee hit me and I had to make a cup. Got me thinking about what other smells hit you and either bring up something nostalgic or just that "oh man I love that smell".

Fresh coffee
A cut cornfield in September as it starts to ferment just a bit
Hitting the woods in the fall and smelling that fresh deep earth on my boots
fresh peaches
charcoal grilling!!!!
Vanilla ; Freshly fired paper shotgun shell ...

out of jersey

Button Buck
I'd have to add tobacco after it had been packed down for a few weeks
Cut hay that has laid out in the sun for a full day
Corn bloom, smells like fresh cut watermelon
Wisteria blooming
The spicy smell of a thick stand of aspen trees when the leaves were turning yellow
Walking through thick Wyoming sagebrush
Burning jet fuel
Slipping through the swamp in my one man sneak boat
Last but not least, the smell of Hoppe's #9. This brings back memories of my Dad returning from a hunting trip and sitting in the kitchen dining area cleaning his gun and relating the events of the hunt to me, a knot headed kid of 6-7-8 who dreamed of the day that I could join him and the other men.
Hoppe's#9 on the kitchen floor with news paper layed down , cleaning the shotguns as a kid-no worries.


Twelve Pointer
When I smell a paper mill, I am brought back in my mind to my first hunting in the Carolinas....just outside of Georgetown, SC, in the early 2000's. Unpleasant smell but it's permanently paired with good memories of this hillbilly's first flatland hunting.


Twelve Pointer
The smell of a horse barn when I'm saddling up . And I'm agree with you Blackwater about the aspen leaves and Wyoming sagebrush . Especially when it's blooming .
Some might think this weird of me but I keep an old quart jar with the glass lid and latching wires on my mantlepiece in which is stored a generous amount of sage buds and branches. Whenever I need a fix I'll open it up and breathe that smell for a bit until the next time I need a fix. Whenever we go back to sagebrush country I'll take it along and refresh the contents, been doing this for over 40 years.


Ten Pointer
Chitterlings boiling on a hot summer day?
When I was very young, my grandma had some chitlins in a pressure cooker that was not seated properly and the gasket blew out - spraying chitlin juice all over the kitchen wall. Will never forget that smell. :)


Eight Pointer
My uncle use to cook chitlins on certain holidays. As a young fellow I remember thinking why would someone eat something that smells that bad. Apparently they taste better than they smell. I wouldn’t know!


Four Pointer
Fresh ground coffee before brewing and Fresh fired shotgun shells. Right after a summer shower pretty good too.


Old Mossy Horns
You guys are lucky. I have no sense of smell. When I was young, I had terrible allergies and was often on antibiotics and other meds. Apparently, they destroyed by sense of smell. It does come in handy at times though. Farts don't faze me, and I can clean up stinky messes when necessary without getting sick.

When we first started dating, my wife bought some moderately expensive perfume to impress me with. She was a bit deflated when I told her I couldn't smell it.

old school

Six Pointer
Ya'll have named a dozen of my favorites but I will add country ham frying along with some red eye gravy. And you can buy me the best steak supper in Greenville, but when I go to a Pirate baseball game and smell fresh popcorn and salt roasted peanuts in the shell then I am sure to eat me a bushel of 'em !

Mike Noles aka conman

Staff member
I had a pavlovian response to your post about fresh popped popcorn, old school. How the heck did the rest of us miss that one :).


Old Mossy Horns
And nobody has mentioned a fresh can of sardines? Love that as well. Me and my dad, sitting on the well cover eating cause Mama wouldn't let us eat them in the house.


Four Pointer
Woods in the fall of the year especially mountain laurel
Corn fields at night in June and July ( if you have ever coon hunted you will no why)
Marigold flowers
Tomato plants
Cured tobacco
Fresh turned peanut fields
Sawdust except for red oak it smells just like dog crap to me
Skunk to certain degree, unless you get sprayed by one then you want to puke but you can't