Facia and Soffit Replacement


Old Mossy Horns
@ibgreen , @mjbrady , I think the two of you would know the answer to this question. Anybody else that might know can also chime in.

I have replaced the roof and siding. Now I need to have the facia and soffit replaced. It is old and looks like crap, and the carpenter bees love it. I want to go back with a PVC facia board, but I have been told that there is a fiber cement vented soffit. Is it good it good or bad? Are there other materials that you would recommend?

Thanks in adavance


Ten Pointer
Hardi Soffit Panels

I’ve installed these before. Hardi makes good stuff.

considering the limited supply of materials and costs, and that it sounds like you’ve resolved whatever damaged your soffits, you could go with something much more affordable now.


Twelve Pointer
Hardie or Nichiha board facia/soffit would solve your problems. They are great products. They paint up good but that is your only issue, maintenance. Your local building supply store will have them


Ten Pointer
I am neutral on Hardie soffit. As long as your roof is not leaking and your fascia is not rotting your soffit typically will be fine. I do not use Hardie fascia or any other Hardie trim. Their trim only has a 15 year warranty and can crack. I mostly use PVC or LP Smartside trim (not the fiber version).


Six Pointer
I'd look a pvc or LP smart side makes a PVC alternative trimboard. I'm replacing a lot of hardie plank siding lately. Anywhere water is bouncing its disintegrating. I wouldn't put it anywhere near a gutter. If your handy with a metal break, aluminum over your sub fascia lasts along time, but with prices lately it might not be much cheaper