Explain something to me part 2


Six Pointer
I hoot early if I don’t get the one I’m set up on I just walk the ridge tops sit and call for a bit move and repeat


Ten Pointer
because where I hunt, there are 50-11 real owls hooting already,,,,and the crows fire up at dawn,,,,no need

guess I could do a screamin' peacock but prefer to let them do their natural thing,,,

although grenade/artillery simulators (hunting IVO training soldiers) are an AWESOME locator! So I may have to start carrying M80s or some such,,,,
I thought I was the only one who uses the screaming peacock... they will shock gobble at it when they won’t gobble at anything else BUT man ol man does it hurt my ears

Winnie 70

Eight Pointer
I don't own a crow or owl call but I sometimes hear others using them out along the road near a place I hunt. I've never heard those guys get a response from a real turkey though. I think it's become a thing so commonly done in that area that the gobblers ignor the calls. I haven't felt a need for a locater call other than an early morning yelp or two from my box call. There are lots of ways to go at turkey hunting and more than one way to get the shot but I like things simple. A shotgun, box call, cushion for my butt and a nice place to sit against the base of a tree. Hear a few early morning gobbles from the roost trees, make a few calls, watch for him, boom.
Aaron, if I didn't know better I would say that was what I just posted. You must be my twin.