Expert Infanty Badge completed

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
My son just completed this. So proud of the man he has become. He has had it tough as he went through probably the longest basic in army history(covid had them in isolation for a long time) then RASP then this Past summer he completed Ranger School.

He informed me yesterday he just finished the EIB. Never heard of it but after reading seems pretty hard to get.

He really enjoys this stuff and so glad and proud he is doing well in the Army.

This is us last year at Benning fishing a swamp.
mack at benning.jpg
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Old Mossy Horns
congrats to him - I got my EIB back in the 80s - yes, hard for some, but likely was a cake walk for a Ranger!! (y)
I got the expect field medical badge (EFMB) back in the early 80s. Hard to get and proud to have it. Definitely makes a difference in his career. Big congrats


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Congrats I've known a few from the 75th they had a spot they called home on Eagle but spent very little time there. they are fearless fighters.
Spent most of the time in the bush.

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
Well he ought to have fun this week end. 4 Rangers from Benning are meeting 3 or 4 special ops Marines from Lejune (one of my sons best friends is at Lejune) in Charleston this weekend for St Patricks.