Expandable broadhead


Four Pointer
What’s everyone using for a expanding broadhead out of a crossbow. My bow shoots around 360fps if that matters.


Four Pointer
I like the look and idea of the no collar. Do they come with the practice head also. I looked and did not see it listed.


Old Mossy Horns
Just an aside, but I recently read something very interesting. According to an article in the August / September 2019 Issue (Volume 26 Issue 4) of QDMA's "Quality Whitetails" magazine, page 56 "Does Broadhead Choice Really Matter?" … it does.

The study discussed concluded that mechanical blades were actually MORE effective than fixed blade. Using both compound bows and crossbows, hunters who used fixed blade broadheads recovered 82.3% of the deer they shot, while hunters who used mechanical broadheads recovered 90.7 % of the deer they shot. The separate recovery numbers for fixed vs mechanical for compound and crossbows were 82.4% / 88.6% for compound and a larger spread of 81.7% / 93.7% for crossbows.

Anyway, I though folks might find this interesting.


Twelve Pointer
As far as a fixed blade crossbow broadheads. I tried a Slicktrick mag 100 grain. It held the same point of impact with a 100 grain field point.


Button Buck
I like the slick tricks but have used the cabelas laser supreme expandable for the past couple of years and been happy with the performance.


Six Pointer
I use Bass pro shops Gator XP 100 grain in my compound and in my wife's crossbow.


Six Pointer
Shwacker 125's. I used to use Rage and really like then until had one deploy on me before hitting the deer. No such issue with Shwacker and the blood trails are every bit as good. Massive exit wounds....