Emerald Isle, Surf Fishing


Eight Pointer
What results can be expected surf fishing at Emerald Isle this coming April? First full week, 5th thru 12th..

What effect will this non-winter weather have on fishing?


Twelve Pointer
Should be good. Puffers. Mullet. But you never know. Spanish off the pier.

Usually fish are right at your feet. I love to see people cast as far as possible. I could catch em on a cane pole.

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Six Pointer
"you never know". First bluefish I caught in surf 2019 was early May but I caught a flounder 4/14. If temps are running warmer than usual you could be catching blues 1st week April,Spanish are less likely although always possible. Flounder season will still be closed unfortunately.



Ten Pointer
I could catch em on a cane pole.
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Years ago we actually saw a family doing that on Hatteras Island. They were fishing next to us and we chatted them up. They were locals who had their kids using regular cane poles in a calm surf, and they were catching sea mullet. Cool to watch.

Winnie 70

Eight Pointer
Witler, just little below you at Surf City caught mullet in surf last year week of 14th of April. Had a couple friends caught 94 on the Surf City pier on the 12th, and 40 on pier the 14th....one of the best mullet years last year. Usually they showing up in April ...just have a hard time killing a turkey in the surf down there, so sometimes I don't get on them till later.