Eating Bobcat


Twelve Pointer
Ive been offered a piece of cougar a time or two but never a bobcat.....that i know of. :)

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Four Pointer
Its actually pretty good..had it cubed up on kabobs and stew .But i will tell you this though..better eating are younger toms or females.Them.older tom's are a different flavor all together and smell when cooked.think it is the tom cat smell myself.So pretty much eat younger cats and females now.Bigger males go in bait bucket

Larry R

Old Mossy Horns
Never had bobcat but at one of our Vietnam gang get together's a few years ago we each took some special food from our area/experience. Of course I took my tenderloin and one of the guys brought a secret meat. As he was grilling the meat I told him I was not going to eat that because I knew what it was. He wasn't happy with me. He said there was no way I could know. I assured him I did know but I wasn't going to divulge his secret. He told me he knew in basic and jungle survival training I had eaten a &()&*(&^ of a lot worse. :LOL::LOL:. But as soon as we began to eat I did eat some and it was really good. It was cougar meat. Not sure if it was the meat or the marinate that he had used on the meat prior to grilling but it tasted really good and a tad sweet. He's a pretty good cook. He is the only one who has prepared bear meat that I actually could eat. I know some swear by bear meat but I just have never been able to eat it except in sausage he made. And quite frankly I don't like sausage except in gravy made with sausage.