Easter Observation


Old Mossy Horns
First let me say this is nothing but an observation coming from one who does not consider himself religious at all.

I spent the last 10 days in Spain. There is a church on every corner (literally) and a Cathedral of some sort in every major town/city. They refer to last week, as I am sure many around the world do, as Holy Week. However, outside of a few Chocolate Eggs in the bakery's and what looked like a Klan march by the Confraternities of penitents folks every night in Bilbao (look these folks up and you will understand my description) one would have never known it. I was in Madrid on Easter Sunday, saw a sign that they were going to have a parade but never saw any sign of it. All the shops, for the most part were open normal hours on Friday and Sunday, including museums, even the Cathedral was open both before and after normal Sunday service.

I found it interesting that in a country where religion is so central to their history, that the most sacred of the Christian holidays was so much less visible there vs here. No fancy Easter cloths were seen, no real holiday celebration as we know it here in the states etc. They have basically the same freedom of religion laws as we do. Again, this is just an observation, I was quite surprised to find things operating as normal on Easter, I was expecting a lot more disruption to normal activity (disruption might be the wrong term).