Dude, how bad has Rocky Mount gotten?

When we go into town at night with friends I make sure everybody carries just for security.
Yep. I used to strongly discourage my wife from going without me after dark. I carry, but she doesn't.
The last time she went by herself after dark was in Nov to Walmart, and ended up being interviewed by the police after a couple teens were running around with guns and caused the store to be evacuated...
I go to RM several days a week for work and never really go south of 64. My friend lives in one of those houses near the mill and hasn't had any issues so far. I avoid the downtown area like the plague. They just built that sports complex there but if the gangbangers are outside in full force it won't do a damn thing.
Do you mean the event center? Sports complex had been here a while...
Yes I always get them mixed up. Thanks for the correction.
No worries.
The complete and utter lack of parking won't help either.

I do really like what they've done with the Mill area and spend quite a bit of time there. I can't imagine they have many people in line to rent those places at over $1,100 a month though...
I’m sending 2 of my crews to do a job in Tarboro next week and was looking at putting them up in hotels located in Rocky Mount. After reading this thread I’m second guessing that choice, I really don’t need anything stolen off my trucks. I don’t won’t to have to pay them to drive more than 30 minutes each morning to the job site and I always put them up in nice places to stay so the 2 I found in Tarboro are out. Any of you guys from down that way have any recommendations? If so, please PM me so I can check them out.

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