Duck hunt beginner


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Thanks for the add. I’ve been doing a lot of research on duck hunting, been interested for decades, and just got invited to go on a chartered trip in Currituck.

as I’m sure everyone’s aware, shot shells are almost non existent. I wanted to use 12g, 3” #2, 1 1/4 oz but couldn’t find it so the only thing I have is Kent Faststeele 2.0, 12g, 3”, #1, 1 1/8oz.
With a modified choke, will this suffice for what’s flying?

Thanks in advance!


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3” #1 with a mod choke will be fine. Wouldn’t hurt to shoot it on paper to see how they pattern. My gun shoots the Kent fasteel 2.0 good but all chokes and guns are different. The way it is finding steel shot right now you have to shoot what you can find.


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I like BBs some times in open water. So 1s are fine.
have fun and lead them with a painting stroke. Smooth and steady.
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Why do you choose BB’s over open water as opposed to land, and what difference does it make? Thanks in advance for helping a guy learn!

Not sure what you mean by a “painting stroke”. But I was a crewchief/ door gunner in Army blackhawks, so I plan on using the same process I used while on deployment. Start from the back of the target, and sweep up into the target unloading as I pass through. 🤙🏼


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Welp. Previously I’ve done two types of hunting. Well lots but two very distinct ways of doing that stand out.
Any way in open water in a box blind on the banks or out In the sound birds do mostly one of two things. They fly by you. Or they fly at you to the deeks. Why bbs. because they hammer big birds on the coast. Blue bills, reds. Etc. even little dippers. I like beach ball patterns at 30-40 yds at the coast on open water. It’s rarely snap shooting. You have a long time to watch them come in and make good shots.
In tight spots with sporadic birds. Smaller shot and a open choke work better for me. I’m no shot gunning wizard.
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