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so the little "dove club" I am in normally cancels most every weekend due to "no birds" on our private ground,,,,heck, it's been so bad I haven't hunted with them but one or two times in the last two years,,,,,,,yesterday they sent an email that today was cancelled as well,,,,,typical,,,,,,

so Aggie and I went to a hunk of gamelands,,,,,,,oh my,,,,,,,

lets just say - I found the doves :cool:

of course I found where they wanted to be too late for today,,,,but guess where I will be the next time I have time off???
Piles of doves and a couple of hunters makes for a great hunt. I walked thru the woods a couple days ago moving cameras around and stumbled on a few quail. Had not seen any in a couple of years. Use to be every spring a nice covey would come thru the edge of the woods.