Doubled Up This Morning (Video)


Old Mossy Horns
Got this Doe, Kill, on video. Unfortunately, 15 minutes later, I had already packed up everything, and was about to get down. Took one last look around, caught movement, and another Deer, came in from the left. Didn't have time to glass the head, and ended up, shooting a Button Buck, that was probably 80-90 lbs. Biggest one I've ever seen. Oh well, it'll all taste like Sausage, in a few days.

Larry R

Old Mossy Horns
Really one of my favorite videos because it reflects the most exciting hunts. Nothing tests the heart rate better than having to wait until the deer is cleared from another deer or positioned in the right stance before a shot can be made. Even more exciting when very close and several sets of eyes you have to avoid.
Congratulations and as previously stated nothing wrong with a button buck at all, its legal and IMO tastes a lot better than a stinky ole buck any day.