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Havent posted in quite a long time,, life has just been busy...

Today was worthy of a post though I thought so here we go...

This morning I went back to the stand that I spent most of yesterday in, I've been getting pics of a good 10 here and he didnt show on Saturday and I was a bit concerned that he was picking up my wind and avoiding the stand. Those thoughts vanished at about 8:12 this morning and at 8:15 I pulled the trigger.... It took me a few moments to find blood because where I was is basically a swamp and THICK. Cell service is not good at all there but I had sent dad a text (who was in a stand about 400 yards away in the opposite direction the deer went) that I had shot and was having trouble finding blood. I'm not sure if he got my text before or after he shot, but while I'm looking for mine, I heard him shoot. I found mine in short order... 140" 10 point and drug it up to the road and went to meet up with him. we retrieved the 4 wheeler and loaded mine which later tipped the scales at a true 190lbs.... and then went to look for his.... we immediately found blood and his deer about 30 yards away... a 131" 8 point.

What a day and what a double. God blessed us this morning.



Old Mossy Horns
Couldn’t have happened to nicer guys. Congratulations on two beautiful bruisers!!!

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That's awesome....the father/son double! Both great bucks too.. Enjoy it to the fullest. Non-hunters wouldn't understand, but special times like these are precious and few in a hunter's life. Very happy for you both. Congrats!
Heck of a day, always good to see a buck posted up by you two since you know it will be a good one! I guess you can say the Apple didn’t fall far from the tree...I’ll see myself out now 😜