DIY respooling.


Ten Pointer
Not that anyone needs help with putting line on a reel, but I was bored. . .
I had a u bolt sitting around so I drill 2 holes to fit the threaded ends in the end of a 2x6 scrap piece of wood (this increased my prices dramatically) I ran out of gold bars..
ran the spool of braid threw the ubolt and pushed it into the holes till spool touched, backed out slightly so spool spins freely.
then I took the line and ran it across the room and fed it threw a pulley the back to rod
Instead of starting with a bottom shot of mono, okuma recommends tape! go figure. so I put on some good old electric tape and used a double wrap unit to secure braid to reel. held strong.
Using my food as a gas peddle of sorts on the 2x6 for resistance, I proceeded to reel on 300 yards of 50 power pro and put on a top shot of 30lb flouro connecting with a double wrapped uni knot. worked like a charm and got great tension on the line.

I will report back when it starts grabbing in the spool when I use it. 😄


Old Mossy Horns
I use electric tape or double side foam tape to do mine. Most spools of powerpro come with a foam tape with the knot guide.

So I just add the tape and tie it on. Never had a problem with it spinning.
On some of the big reels I never use more than 100 to 150 yards of the line I will use mono then powerpro to save on the amount of Powerpro and money.
If I have a full spool on the reel when I start to see the line getting old I cut the first 50 yards and back load it on another reel that is smaller or use mono then braid.
Most the braid will never see daylight so it is still good and can be flipped to use again.


Ten Pointer
I did not mean to put the 30lb flouro as the top shot of line 😄
I actually had 50lb mono for that but screwed up and grabbed the leader I had bought. guess I will direct tie for a while. 🤣