Deer processing


Six Pointer
Michael's Meat Processing
Field to Freezer Service
Specialty of cuts: hamburger, cubed steak, steaks,
butterfly chops, jerky strips, and ect........
all for $80.00
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
6pm - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday
9am - 11am
6pm - 9pm
252-226-6118 HENDERSON NC
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Six Pointer
Thanks for the specific info.

As often as the meat processing question comes up, a mod should come up with a standard format on what info to include and sticky it...
Clark's has closed shop , lots of hunters got rotten meat back and several I know got a call yesterday that said they are no longer in business and all meat gone, no plans yet on refund of deposits. Myles Swain has just opened a new shop in reiglewood nc under the name Dixie deer processing. Great guy with a lot of experience. He did our family a good job on deer and feral hogs