Deer Corn (New Bern)


Old Mossy Horns
I grew up in the midwest where baiting is illegal. When all neighboring properties are baiting, Id put myself at a serious disadvantage by not also doing the same.

I also feel that baiting deer and bears is an effective tool for wildlife management and monitoring. The same goes for the use of hounds, trail cameras, or plain ol' scouting.
Are you sure you’d be putting yourself at a disadvantage by not baiting?

What makes you think you’d be at a disadvantage ?


Button Buck
Corn prices are through the roof this season. Have y’all checked out Foggy Buck Outdoors? They have some nice whole grain, high protein supplements with a persimmon aroma that attracts. They also have a nice mineral, food plot blends and clothing. They a new product sponsor of Whitetail Militia for this fall. Not less than corn, but more protein and nutrients to bring ‘em in and grow ‘em big.