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I use none of the above as shy pressured birds seem to hang up easily so I want him to come as close as possible. Seems like birds become as decoy shy as they do call shy

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If you're dead set on using them, consider a lay down or feeding hen, the boys are tired of fighting, so leave the jake and strutting tom at home. Just my 2 cents.

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Hunting a field that joins a swamp so the woods are limited to none really so was gonna put blind between swamp and field. They seem to cross the field but usually have hens. I’m limited to the field


Old Mossy Horns
Primos Gobstopper hen

Decent decoy at decent price if you want one
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I went a while not using decoys but moved toward them again last year. Have had great success with them. I bought a jake and hen and use them together all the time. I will say they have worked well this year for sure.


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If I use any it's hens only, just to give them something to look for but won't fight back.


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Hen only is gonna be your most natural this time year gobblers that are alone are cruising for hens and most are breed singles are normal sight


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I use a feeding hen and just a regular upright flextone decoys (They look great). I setup with them about 15 yards behind me and position myself where I think the birds will come from. If possible I always like using decoys because I feel like it gets eyes off of me and allows me to move more and get my bead on their head without them catching the movement.


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Like calling (how, when, frequency) it boils down to what the turkey is doing.

On 5/9 I killed a gobbler that came in looking to fight. He and a running buddy responded to gobbler calls that morning. I had decided to use a jake decoy because of an encounter with a subordinate bird the morning before. 90% of the calls I made were gobbler/jake sounds and they ate it up.

One year in KS a friend and I were scouting a farm and watched a gobbler run jakes off all afternoon. We used a jake the next morning and had a quick hunt.

The only hard and fast rule I have is to adapt to the situation and hunt accordingly.