Decent gun shops or pawn shops in Greenville?


Ten Pointer
I'm headed to Greenville (NC) later today for a medical appointment and was wondering if there are any decent gun stores or pawn shops that carry guns that I should check out while I'm in town.


Eight Pointer

Their inventory rotates pretty quickly in the store, but they’ll order just about anything for you.


Old Mossy Horns
All the ones mentioned and include Doc's on Memorial Drive.
I liked Doc's, in the past. They would have a lot of used guns and odd ball stuff you could not find just anywhere. Last couple times I was there they really didn't have anything. I won't waste my time going there anymore.


Eight Pointer
There is also a pawn shop corner of Evans and Arlington. I’ve never been in there but I think they have some guns. I know people that order guns and get them shipped there.


Ten Pointer
I’ve never bought a gun from them, but they seem to have a decent amount of used guns for a person to browse.
I did go to Docs yesterday and the two gentlemen who were in there were very cordial and welcoming. They even directed me to another gun store in the area to help me find something specific I was looking for.