Dad's birthday


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I'm not really one to post these things, turned 92 today!!! Still drives, fairly mobile(knees and feet bother his mobility 😥). He said he knows what the problem is, they are wore out. He slips more, mentally, but hell, I been a slippin myself for a while. He grew up plowing mules, slopping hogs, milking cows, AND carrying 200 pound bags of fertilizer to the applicator across the field when he weighed 130 pounds, loaded the bags on a trailer by hisself during lunch, etc., etc. I salute my dad! Thanks for reading!! Hope some of you are as fortunate as I have been!!
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Happy birthday to the young man!!

Growing up my parents had a neighbor that drove until he was 94 or 95, he finally passed at 97. In his mid-90s Dr asked about his diet and activities. He told Dr that he ate a big breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, toast or biscuits), then took a walk with his dog, later in the day he would smoke some weed and drink some liquor. Asked Dr if he should change anything. Dr said at your age, do whatever the hell you want.
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Happy Birthday to your Dad! Mine lived that same kind of life and lived to the eve of his 98th birthday. They don't make them like that much any more. My brother and his boys took him turkey hunting when he was 94 and he and I floated for woodies until he was about 90 and the cold got to be too rough on him.


Old Mossy Horns
Happy Birthday to your dad. My mother turned 89 in August. At my grandfather’s funeral, a 99 year old cousin drove himself to it. When asked how he stays healthy, he said he split half a cord of firewood every day. May be a tall tale but can’t be sure if he was serious.


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Happy Birthday to your Father!!
My Father is 97, he drove until he was 95 and we decided it was best for him to stop driving before something happened.
He quit playing golf at the age of 93.


Old Mossy Horns
Happy Birthday to your Dad!

And you are fortunate to still have him! There are not many left that actually lived through the Great Depression.

My brother will be 92 in January and he still gets around pretty good.