CWD now found in Alabama


Eight Pointer
It’s easing its way east. Just a matter of time. The state opened up all public land (most of it up there is bow only or has certain dates for firearms) to any legal weapon and no bag limit. The plan seems to be wipe out the herd (they won’t but they’ll put a dent in it) on public land so they can test more deer for it. I’m not a fan of this idea. Would probably help more if they banned baiting but because of the baiting permit fees they instituted I doubt that will ever be considered. Too much money at stake to do that.

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
we should start a betting pool on when the ncwrc declares it official here in NC.
Or a pool where we guess the number of minutes before CRC posts the confirmation. :)
Just playin CRC- unless you had posted most of us would have no clue about AL.
I do dread it's arrival here and the drama that will ensue.