CVA Optima or Wolf?


Eight Pointer
I would like to buy a muzzleloader to use next season. It appears that CVA makes a nice affordable inline gun. The upper end Wolf has almost all the same features as the Optima. I mean the nitride rust coating etc is available on both.

Which one is better & can anyone recommend a shop that sells ML’s that is knowledgeable in the Raleigh or eastern N.C. area.

Thanks for any advice.

Royal Wulff

Button Buck
I've got an Optima and I like it a lot. The only difference that I can see is the barrel length. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I will say that Midway has several versions of both on clearance now, and they ship to you. No FFL required.
I have an older Optima and a slightly-less-old Wolf. Have had both for about 10 years. Both are no-frills, no-nonsense guns, but I prefer the Wolf. It's a little shorter/handier, and I mostly hunt in the woods. I don't think you can beat it for the money.