Cut'em Down Waterfowl


Ten Pointer
I have ordered several items from them and always had great service. I heard they had opened a retail store. Anyone know if this is correct and/or visited it?


Six Pointer
It’s open and located on 301. It’s kind of small inside and mostly clothes and displays of what they have on the floor but the warehouse is full. If you don’t see it on the floor ask for it or use the iPads on the counter and that will show everything they have in stock. Friendly staff and good prices. Only problem is they are to close to me and I can’t seem to go in there without spending over $100 every time I go.


Button Buck
The ticket is ordering online, and picking up in store. Online inventory is accurate and they will have it ready for you.

They are very helpful in store too. Very nice inside. you can order something from the counter, and they have several young bucks that will pick the items for you quickly.


Ten Pointer
Years ago I started buying from their eBay store before they had a brick and mortar. Always got great service as well. Been meaning to stop by the new place.


Ten Pointer
Thanks for the responses. We have ordered some stuff from them (way more than I should) and always had a great experience. The wife and I are headed that way next week and thinking of stopping by.