Cutco Knife set


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Nothing close to Cutco, but I do like my Rada knives and their ability to hold an edge, cheap too.

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Is there anything better? MUST be made in America if there is. If not, then I've decided.

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You won't go wrong with Cutco, in my opinion.
I got a Millenium Block ? I think that's what it's called? 12-14 years ago. Love the set. Use them all the time. You'll love them.

You getting white or brown ?

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Well. That's a new one on me. I haven't looked at them in a bit, though. I got the white ones. Still, just handle color.... knives are great.
Use care with the French Chef knife. I warned a friend... she told me "she knew what she was doing".... I had to take her to get stitches.


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I bought one of them there serrated knives after a buddy's son came to my house as a favor as a demo. LOTS of blood in my sink since then! I'm terrifiedly ready for a full set, and to throw this crap in my drawer away once and for all!

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Once you get them, that's probably all you'll use in the kitchen. I use other knives outside on the deer, and use fillet knives but, that's it.
Best of luck with the set.


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I can’t speak on behalf of their kitchen knives, but an ex got me the Fisherman’s Solution fillet knife and it’s been my go to for 7 years now. If the household knives are anything similar, they should be good stuff.


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s there anything better? MUST be made in America if there is. If not, then I've decided.

Better? judgemental call as knife preferences are like vehicles, guns and women,,,,everyone likes something

really depends if you want a "set of knives" or by individual knives,,,,some come in sets some don't - also depends on how much you want to spend. T

USA made?

cutco of course are nice,,,and do lifetime sharpening (as do others),,,some other options -

Lamson makes some nice kitchen knives

as does Old Hickory (love them) and Dexter knives and they are on the lower price range (hundreds of dollars) versus cutco and others at over a grand for a set,,,

Warther Cutlery are cool,,,I really like them and they are in the same pricepoint as Cutco

New West Knifeworks - and where else can you get a "rock block"!!

if I had your money I'd get some Chelsea Miller knives or Carter Cutlery,,,,talk about class!! But you're not getting a "set" all as one pretty package - individual knives (well expect for a set of steak knives),,,

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We have 7 Cutco kitchen knives. Very good knives, stylish, durable, but expensive. If you really dig and do the research, you'll find that the steel they use is no better than knives costing much less. You are paying for the name, a stylish look, and the lifetime guarantee mostly. Lifetime sharpening is not much value on daily use knives due to loss of use, IMO. They are solid knives though - if you're willing to spend the money, you won't be disappointed.

Most of my other knives are Dexter Russell that I have bought individually for specific purposes. They have a much larger selection of knives, at MUCH cheaper prices, and they are easy to sharpen. They aren't fancy. Most have plain rubber/Poly grips. But for function vs. price, they are by far the winner. I probably won't buy another Cutco knife when I can get a Dexter that does the same thing at a fraction of the price. Made in USA.


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Some day I will own Cutcos......right now I have some Hamer Stahls that I like but would like to trade up.


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New West Knifeworks - and where else can you get a "rock block"!!
Bought my wife the orange paring knife when we were in Jackson Hole last summer. She uses it about every day...

We have a block of Cutco knives as well. Seems everyone has had a neighbor's son stop by selling them at one point. They have served us well...


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I like my bubba filet knives. The handles are wide and secure and I don't cut myself nearly as often. I do have one of the cutco fisherman knives and it is great.


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They were the only thing my mom and her sisters fought about when settling my Grandmother's estate.

I have several. I look for them at estate sales where I can get them for a few bucks, then I send them in for resharpening. A few have been broken and I sent them in and got new knives back. I have a handful that were Christmas Gifts from Mom as well; they're also often estate sale refurbs.

They are nice knives, and I don't mind being out of use when I send one or two off for resharpening, I can make do with a couple others.