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The old boombox that I have used for years to shoot crows has finally given up the ghost. With a Johnny Stewart cassette tape and this Sony cassette player I have probably killed about 2K crows. I need something else. Its been hard to find a boombox as large as I have used, and the reviews for the electronic callers like foxpro and flextone are all over the place. Does anybody have any practical recommendations?

Thanks much....

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
Never Liked the electronic calls (I know there work well). I use Lohman crow calls. I have a hard enough time being mobile and fast with the decoys . If I had that it would slow me down.


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Garage sale - get a boom box for $5 and keep on shooting. I've been using the same Sony box since the late 80's to call crows, and shudder to think about it dying one day...

Winnie 70

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I have a Foxpro Spitfire call and it is loaded with 24 calls when you but it. Now, you can go on their web site and order any of the calls they have....either download them or send your call in to them and they will download.....and you can replace all 24 or just certain ones you want. That way, you can load just what you want, listen to each call before you buy and they are all real good. I have killed crows with mine by placing the twirling decoy on my call....remote control....and that gets them keying in to the decoy as they circle over head. Just blast away. Coyotes come in same way.....screaming rabbit call and the decoy twirling is what I use most.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I have some hand calls - one's a Lohman, and the other one is a Scotch bellows call that I bought from Thorne's in Raleigh back when I was at NCSU. Don't make the Scotch anymore - its not loud but it has brought a bunch of them in from closer ranges.

Im gonna try to find a boombox at a thrift store tomorrow.

Thanks for all the replies guys.
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Found a small "boombox" today at a thrift shop. Works just fine but I have my doubts that its going to be loud enough. Im gonna try it out in the morning....



Old Mossy Horns
Buy an ICOtec and forget the high dollar electronic callers and be glad you did. Been using one for close to 10 years and had O complaints.
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Went out yesterday morning - cloudy and a few birds moving. Did call in a couple to their death, but the little boombox was not loud enough to reach out to where I could hear some crows around the edge of the large field I was set up in. Gonna have to try something else.

Gonna look up ICOtec and see what that is......