Crossbow Suggestions


Button Buck
In the market for a crossbow. Due to shoulder and back issues, unable to hunt with a compound any longer. What's a good crossbow between $300.00 -$500.00?


Twelve Pointer
Look for a used Excalibur crossbow. You can find one in that price range. For reliability and accuracy there hard to beat.


Twelve Pointer
Excalibur Micro and never look back

They just came out with a more economical version called the “Axe” and I must say I’m impressed

It shoots and acts just like my much more expensive Micro


Ten Pointer
I bought the barnett raptor probably around 2012-2013. Never any issues and it is really accurate. I’ve heard some guys on here knock em but mine has been a good one. 400.00 ish for just the bow.

I agree with helium though, excaliber would be my first choice. You may have to spend a little more than 500 for a new one however.


Twelve Pointer
The one this i will say about Excalibur is their customer service, i have had to use it, as well as a friend, his was an old version (some putz dry fired it) and they sent replacement limbs no charge, i had a scope that fogged up, quick and easy replacement by them.


Twelve Pointer
I have a Bear Karnage. Had it 4 mths shoots great and seems dependable. First Xbow for me I still like my Hoyt most


Ten Pointer
I like barnett products have owned several and have no complaints, not sure how your eye site is but would use a red dot sight for crossbows instead of a scope easier to see in low lite conditions.


For what it’s worth, I’ve had Barnett’s Ghost 400 for 4-5 years now. Given the chance, I would have bought something different.

Slower and quieter are more accurate and dependable in my opinion. When the speed increases the arrow/ broadhead requirements are finicky for good accuracy.

A good scope is a must. I have a Leupold Crossbones with a red dot hanging off the side. Those optics are great.

Get a cocking device, when my shoulder and arm/ wrist act up, it’s as bad to cock the crossbow as it is to draw a bow.


Since you're just starting out with it, I'd suggest the Carbon Express Piledriver 390.

Midway USA has the whole package on sale for just $219.

I bought one, and honestly can't find anything wrong with it! Great trigger, fast, accurate. I upgraded the scope, but that's only because I had a better one already; the one that comes with it is serviceable.

If, after a season or two, you find you like crossbows, then maybe look to invest in a TenPoint or Excalibur or Scorpyd or some other high-dollar bow.