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Long story short. Been trying to get drawn for my North Dakota rifle tag for 3 or 4 years now with no luck. Looks like they have changed the rules to allow over the counter tags for crossbow but you have to hunt during rifle season. This want be a problem since I am hunting on a private farm but I need help finding a crossbow.

What is the best one to buy for say under $600?


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I like the barnett products, if you are looking a higher end product ,whitetail pro series or the ghost series , the jackel is also a good product but is on the lower end but will give you good preformance at around 320 fbs and my experience very accurate for the money.


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Bargain - Barnett - I've had a great experience with mine but others have had some issues with them.

Mission and Excalibur are excellent choices if you have some money to spend.


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Having sold and serviced crossbows. My suggestion is that’s a long way to travel and I’d take into account the issues brands are notorious for when buying.

Barnett is absolutely without a doubt the worst crossbow company. Doesn’t mean you cant, want or haven’t killed a deer with one. They sell cheaper crossbows and when servicing them you see that.

Parker can be found cheap now since they are out of business. That would eliminate them from my list.

Excalibur, Ten Point, Mission, Ravin, Scorpyd, Wicked Ridge are all models I’d suggest from my experience. I did not sell PSE but worked on a few and didn’t hate them. For a lower end price point I heard good things about Centerpoint but I just can’t vouch for them or how reliable they are. Carbon Express I would stay away from in my experience.


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If you are looking under $600 Barnett is the way to go. I have 3 of them and have not had one second of trouble with any of them. I added a better scope and a crank cock to my wildcat and love it.

Other brands are good, I personally would never buy a Ravin, have seen them literally fall apart when shooting and that was just trying it out.


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I’ve owned PSE, Tenpoints, Parkers, Strykers, Barnett and Mission crosbows and my favorite by far is my mission MXB400. Strykers (made by Bowtech) is in second place and is a great bow as well with one of the best triggers. One of the biggest pluses to the mission is that you can replace the cable and and string without a press. They’re also really accurate and not nearly as loud as many of the other speed bows. Excals are great but abit on the loud side and and the triggers are so so on the ones I’ve shot. Tenpoints have a great line up and are really solid bows all the way around
Also Mj is one of the most knowledgeable guys for this stuff having owned his own bow shop and worked on every major player in the game.

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Thanks to the OP and responders. I was going to post for crossbow recommendations. Our landlord came by last week to check on a leak, and while he was here, he said "It didn't dawn on me when you were looking for hunting land, but you can hunt these 4 acres right here."

Deer come within feet of our house. So it'll be more like killing than hunting. Especially since I intend to do it from the kitchen table. We're backed up to hundreds of acres of protected land. Last week I was walking the dogs around 8am. A doe waited till I was about 40 feet from her before she stomped and darted across the road. There are rubs 15 feet from the corner of the house. And an apple tree behind the building. I might get spoiled lol.


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This one is on sale now seems like a good deal


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Here is my 2 cents I researched those things heavily for a couple of years finally settled on Wicked Ridge and bought an Invader G3 shot it 3 times to make sure it was sighted in and on the 4th shot killed a nice 8 pointer at 40 yards =bow and some accessories cost no more than your budget

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Try out some And pick what you like,ground hintingnis,easy with a crossbow,stands,are different,I personally have a,couple Barnett,with a good,scope and,range finder you can shoot fly's with them,lol.


Old Mossy Horns
Best bow out there is Excalibur but that is just me....
Have 2 of the exomax and have been great bows.
If I remember the US service center is up north in Ohio and he has been known to really help people out.
Look one used.....
They are out there and good ones to get.
Easy to use and work on. The bow shops that I have talked to have mixed feelings for them. They think they are a great bow but end game people do not return.
They are able to do anything they want with no special tools. You can change the string in a deer stand, limbs if needed could be done in the field also.
If it was my trip of a life time I would get a bow and back up limbs and string and go hunt. Then sell the limbs when you return after not needing them. Its just a piece of mind to have extras.