Crossbow bolts. 20 or 22


Six Pointer
I’ve been shooting 22” bolts and 100 grain heads. If I step down to 20” bolts will it pick up any FPS. What would be the down side. I have the room for shorter bolts.


Twelve Pointer
Depends on the grain per inch of shaft. If they are the same weight and one is shorter and weighs less, yes you will pick up FPS.
But.. crossbows are usually loud and only 30yd weapons anyway. So picking up 5-10fps is helping anything but how loud the bow is.

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Twelve Pointer
Meeting your GPI (grains per inch) requirement of your crossbow. Your overall arrow must be a certain weight to help keep from damaging your crossbow.


Old Mossy Horns
Yep stick to the design bolt weight or risk damage to the bow.
Also the length is a built in safety on some bows to keep bad things from happening.