crappie fishing at night


Four Pointer
Anyone have any luck fishing for crappie with lights (or other methods) at night in the cold months? Trying to fish but with it being hunting season that has my main focus.


Old Mossy Horns
Yes. Focus on bait and structure in open water. Caught my largest by weight in January in freezing temps at night.

Also catch them on lighted docks at night and vertical jigging boat houses with no extra light as well. They bite all year, all temps. One of my best trips was night time, temps in the low 20s, water temps 36-37 and a skim of ice in the coves.


Six Pointer
I have not tried night fishing during cold months, but I catch bigger fish from November to February day fishing suspended fish. Spend some time finding the school and working figure 8's on them trying not to bump them. I like that style fishing better than the spring spawn....less boat traffic as well.