Craigslist Housing Hilariousness


Six Pointer
As I have said before, when I'm bored or just from time to time, I get on Craigslist and peruse pretty much everything. As I get to houses and land for sale an ad listed under shared housing caught my eye. It was for a room in the Walkertown area of Forsyth County. Now, I had seen this ad weeks ago. It was initially for a room in the trailer park off Pine Hall road, which anyone familiar with the area will tell you is not a very nice place to live. This person wanted $350 per month for a ROOM. Not much more will rent you a whole trailer in that area. I clicked on the ad and nearly laughed myself silly. It was the OP's photos but apparently they had really ticked someone off. So they posted an ad telling it like it is ? ?

Gotta love the internet. If nothing, this'll give you a decent laugh. I mean, you just can't make this stuff up.