CPAP machine


Old Mossy Horns
FWIW, my Wife's CPAP machine ( ResMed Aircurve ASV ) is a life changer.

After the initial couple weeks of machine results, they fine tuned the machine settings and for a week now she's only averaging 14 sleep apneas an hour instead of 58...gets 7-8 hours sound sleep a night...wakes up fully charged, energetic, smiling, raring to go.


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Man they is going to be a PITA .
Guess I will need to find a way to carry more batteries, solar or small generator. ...
Truck is already full as it is. That or just plan to fish longer and sleep about 3 hrs a night.

How is the transition from using one then not for a few days?
May just go without for a week on the fishing trips.
I have a battery pack i use with mine, but only last about 2 nights. When i was up at Standing Indian Turkey camp, i recharged my battery with an 500 watt power inverter in my truck. Worked great sine we drove out to different areas from the base camp.
Backing up on doing without CPAP for a few days it sucks. I used to be lazy about taking my machine up to my inlaws ( they live in Tuckasegee.) For a long weekend. But suffered when i got back home. It took me a couple days to recover once was using my machine again.

I been looking into the Air mini setup with battery and solar panels for backpack camping trips, check with my insurance won't cover a travel setup. So could be about 2k . I could also use it when i travel to say, visit our kids in Austin. Right now when i go i have to lug my normal machine, but it dont count against me if i carry on.