Coyote Attacks Turkey Decoy


Eight Pointer
Figured this is worth a share. Video comes from an outdoor channel on youtube called Spring Thunder. Back in April these guys were set up over a couple Turkey decoy's when a coyote came cruising through figuring he had found himself a nice meal and ended up getting rolled for it! Pretty cool video. The coyote comes in around the 7:15 mark. Enjoy!



Ten Pointer
First year I have had one come out at about 30 yards from my hen decoy on a path. I was going to shoot it but as soon as I made a move with gun it moved back into pine thicket quicker than I was

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Old Mossy Horns
Good one...brings back a scared the s--t out of me when it suddenly jumped on the front couple feet of limbs & sticks I'd stacked up as a natural blind I was sitting / calling was scared too and lurched / ran away so fast I couldn't collect myself enough to get on it with the shotgun in time

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
“He heard that Bone Collector box and saw that HS decoy...”. :LOL:

He was lucky to have the go pro running and facing down the lane. And that was a good shot!


Six Pointer
A buddy of mine had a coon attack his hen decoy before LST this spring . Took a mouthful of foam from her neck. Was gone before he could shoot it.