Corn and protein


Four Pointer
What would be the best protein to mix with corn. Using a gravity feeder. What has worked for you and what was the mix ratio


Ten Pointer
Depends on you herd.. in VA we have had great success with every protein we’ve tried.

Purina Antler Advantage
Dried Soybeans
14% cattle fattener:booster


Ten Pointer
Never too late to start BUT most of the effect will not be seen until next year if you are just now starting.

Yes antlers are still growing BUT the biggest opportunity to effect Antler growth is Jan - March before spring green up. Build their muscles back from the cold and rut= head start come spring on Antler growth


Twelve Pointer
I buy human growth hormone and whey protein and put it in the watering buckets. Steroids.

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The farmer who was leasing my fields this year was unable to cut beans due to it being too wet. I've seen huge differences in deer weight and racks so far this year due to them having the beans jan-march of this year.