Compound bow

I have a Mathews Switchback that I took out of the case after 5 or 6 years. Would it be safe to shoot or would it be unsafe with string and cables being that old?
Your thoughts?


Twelve Pointer
Safe as long as they are not frayed or rotten. If it's been in the case and not stored in a crazy hot attic you should be fine
The string was fine. I put some wax on it and went out back for a test run.
Showed my nephew in law how to draw, stand and he could see through the peep site just fine.
Keep in mind the Matthews hadn’t been out of the case in about 6 years.
His first shot was 2” low at 20 yards. Amazing.
Sent him and my niece on their way with a complete setup …bow, hard case, 12 Axis arrows, soft case for in the woods, release and about 20 broad heads. Told him he had to get a range finder.
He asked what he owed and I told him to treat my niece with respect. They were quite happy when they left.


Twelve Pointer
My immediate concern, yes, is string condition, but you can check specs and tell if string/cable has stretched rather quickly. ATA should be 33”, BH should be 7” - measure those. If off 1/8” or more change them out.