Cinder block pig smoker


Ten Pointer
No need for tinfoil on the plywood. My bother in law was going to show me how to cook pork:rolleyes:. He did a pit like yours but with three sides. The front and top he used plywood and put a block or two against it to keep everything in place and keep the plywood flat. He drilled a 1/4" hole in the plywood on top and inserted a thermometer. It worked and he showed me how they cook boston butts in SC and use some sort of mustard concoction as sauce that smelled like mustard and gasoline. After he finished I told him I just use my pig cooker and we roast whole hogs. I also had to explain to the inlaws that boston butts come from the shoulders of the hog(the chuck on a steer) and not the ham or tail end of the hog. When asked how I know all of this I proudly exclaimed that I'm from Goldsboro and all males of our species are born with the innate knowledge of Bar B Que 😜


Ten Pointer
What time we eat. You will be fine. Don’t get in a hurry and keep your coals even. Keep a check on your different cuts and don’t over cook your loins while waiting on your hams. Remember those cuts when you fire it.


Twelve Pointer
looks like you are all set. just mind the fire and check the meat.

Are you doing any thing for temp detection? looks like you can move the block for draft control pretty easily.


Six Pointer
The pig came out great! Thanks for everybody’s help!

My target temp was 250 for 7-9 hours but I way overestimated how much charcoal that I needed to get the pit to 250 (as in I didn’t need nearly what I thought I did). The first hour and a half the grill was at 350 & 400 which was WAY too hot. I learned it held heat very very well so I finally took the top off for 20m and got it to drop to 250. I ended up lowering the target temp for the rest of the cook to 225.

The hams ended up around 210 and the shoulder about 200. It wasn’t too dry!

I stated it on the stomach for 5 hours then flipped at noon. At this point I started mopping about every 30-45m.

Injection, night before:
4 quarts apple juice
1 quart distilled white vinegar
5 pounds sugar
2 cups salt

2 C cider vinegar
4 C water
1 C sugar
8 TBS mustard (yellow, prepared)
4 tsp pepper
12 tsp salt
2 c melted butter
6 lemons, sliced.

Simmer for 20 minutes, then add:
cups ketchup
1 c worst sauce