Cherokee trout derby


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What the crap .....

Do tell us more about it.
Those are some nice fish. Congrats.
They have a kids tournament every August that is free for kids. It is a blast, they feed them let them fish free, give them a rod hat and tee shirt. They also have fun door prizes that kids can win, its up to the parents to figure out how to get the prizes home and pay taxes if applicable. They gave away some pelican kayaks, minibikes, dirt bikes, four wheelers, coolers, you name it. Last year was a little heavier in big dollar prizes but they go based on what sponsors supply. My boy was done in about 10 minutes...if two other kids had not tangled him on one of his fish he had a huge trout I was getting ready to land but the lines snatched the hook out. He never saw the fish so he did not care but I saw it and I wanted him to land it because it was a solid 3-4 pound fish. Adults can not fish until the roads reopen and they announce it over loudspeaker which is sometime in the afternoon after all prizes have been given out, fish have had a 2-3 hour break and kids have cleared out. I have gone for 3 years in a row and my boy is already ready for next year.
I saw two older guys from Salisbury hook and catch the same trout both had their hooks in him(swallowed ones hook, the other was in the corner of its mouth) and it was a huge trout! They were good buddies and put on a good show over the fish. Saw a Native guy land one that looked to be 6-7 pounds. We brought home a cooler full so that was plenty good to me!
Congrats! Sounds like y'all had a good time.

Never heard of it before, sounds like something my boys would enjoy.

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A little warning...IT IS CROWDED. If you can't handle shoulder to shoulder fishing then its not for you lol.


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Iknow can taste them over a fire rite now, looks like there was a lot of fun had by all.can see why he is ready to go back.