Check out this video - Roland Martin fishs OBX in 1973...


Old Mossy Horns
62F water is almost perfect drum water! The Shoals looks magnificent in that video as well lol. All the wrong species I just knew they’d have a drum.


Ten Pointer
Man that was great stiab. Thanks for sharing. I was waiting for Roland to do his marketing plug though lol.

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
That's a classic. Those old hunting/fishing shows are the best.

I kept waiting on a drum too.


Twelve Pointer
Like a time machine, thanks for sharing! The gear and vehicles didn't look much different then than when I first saw the OBX as a child.

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oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
great video. i dont think that was ole Roland doing the narration though.:)

what a place to fish at that time.

you had those in the sand and the best LMB fishing on the east coast at currituck.


Old Mossy Horns
I remember staying at the same Cape Pines Motel back around the mid-70's as well. Still looks pretty much the same today as it did back then. Remember when the Red Drum Tackle was just a Texaco station with 2 gas pumps out front, 2 garage bays that they sold bait out of one and worked on vehicles in the other, and sold some tackle out of the lobby. Connors Market was just a 25x75 or so steel building that sold beanie-weenies, Vienna sausages, crackers, nabs, bread, some sandwich meats, drinks, some tackle, ands their homemade lures. There wasn't very many places to eat around there, a burger, hotdog, sandwich shop just below the Red Drum and the old Lighthouse Restaurant across from the Cape Pines Motel. If the weather was to bad to fish, you could go up to Avon where they had a 2 bay movie theater in a big steel building around where the Food Lion shopping center is today. I think that marina in the video may have been the old Efraim's Marina down in Hatteras Village and is Teachs Lair. That video brought back a lot of old memories of the way Buxton and Hatteras used to be.


Button Buck
I finally got to a large enough screen to be able to see this, and what wonderful memories!!!
To see those Zebco reels, just like Dad used,
Thanks for sharing,