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Old Mossy Horns
Who dabbles?

I’ve got some whole muscle stuff in the works, and I’ve got several pounds of dried sausages about ready.

First one out was a fancy salami and it’s yummy. 70/30 venison/pork fat. It could honestly use a another 5-10% fat imo.E68E9599-8403-4DF7-934E-F37C59889776.jpeg6BF5C163-29E6-47B0-A78E-B3571BF9088E.jpegC4F6BF3B-7230-4148-83E1-372717E0B524.jpegI’m using the umai bags for now, but a curing cabinet is in the works.


Ten Pointer
Man.... that both looks good and impressive. I’ve dabbled with making bresaola and always wanted to give prosciutto making a try. Just haven’t found the time just yet. Wife got me a LEM mighty bite stuffer for Christmas though so sausage/salami making is on the agenda!
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Twelve Pointer
Grandad, god rest his soul, was straight off the boat from Italy. He was an absolute snob when it came to salami. I think he would’ve been happy to have your creation on his table. Nicely done bud

strut buster

Eight Pointer
I dabble. Got a coppa that been 13 days in EQ cure. Need to case it and put it to bed tonight. Deer whole muscle works really well as a breasola. I do like to add a little cold smoke prior to aging, which isn't normally done, but it works.