Change of date for 2019 summer get together

Mike Noles aka conman

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The dates for next year will be June 6 - 9, 2019. I'm posting this primarily for those that need to book their boats and for those that do long range planning for vacations.


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So, I see this posted every it a closed group that gets together or open to the folks from NCHF? It sounds like a great time. If open to new folks I would love to see the details of how it all works, location , arrangements (tent,camper,hotel) would be nice to put some faces with names......and eat some of the great food y’all post up!


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Just checked out Conmans website.....looks like a great set up.......may try to make it next one more to graduate high school.....that may be the weekend.....


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Do most folks stay on sight? Campers and tents? Isn’t this event near Phelps lake?
some stay on site
yes you can bring campers/tents
yes it is near Lake Phelps
full coordination for next year will start in late winter/turkey season - Mike just wants to get the new date/weekend on folks calendar and so charter boats can get booked for those so inclined

and a deep sea fishing trip and graduation party at Lake Phelps would be an awesome graduation present!!


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My granddaughter that just graduated high school is not the outdoorsy type. She does not fish with us but she was not happy when a dance recital got in the way of her attending the GTG. She still enjoys the weekend at Lake Phelps.


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If Dobber tries to make it from Canada (again), you KNOW the folks from 4-6 hours away have to ponder how good of a time this is!?

We're in!!! Our fishing vessel is "somewhat" secured, but full nevertheless.

The earlier date offers different types of food available from the Raleigh Farmer's Market. I don't think Carolina Reapers or Habaneros will be in season yet? What to do?


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@NCST8GUY before you start letting people know how far i am willing to travel, lets wait on the menu first and see if there is enough to share.
Also if i come with coolers you know i am wanting to fill them back up with some tuna or mahi so keep me in mind if anyone has a spot or needs one filled