mullet dredge

Button Buck
Picked up a Remington 870 compact 20ga to rig up for turkeys. The factory finish is so crappy on the Express guns, was thinking about having the metal parts Cerakoted. Does anyone have any experience with the process or pros and cons of the different products....Cerakote/GunKote/Durakote??? How about any recommended applicators in N.C.(I’m located in Wilmington if that helps).

Thanks in advance.....


Twelve Pointer
I like duracoat.
My favorite by far is being creative with some krylon rattle cans. It last, protects and is sweet. If you are tired of it, strip and re paint.
I have spent money on dip jobs and professional cerakote jobs.
Even powder coating.

I get more joy out of a spray can.

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