Catch and release Friday..

Hunting Nut

Eight Pointer
The thread won't be moved. It will just be deleted if folks can't play by the rules.
I sure hope it doesn't have to come to that. Really enjoy this thread.
That being said, I understand fully that children access this site as well as ladies and everyone should be able to be comfortable.


Old Mossy Horns
Absolutely. Plenty of that stuff available elsewhere. If it’s something you wouldn’t normally see on the beach/boat, it probably won’t be tolerated here.
Not that seeing girls “this hot” is normal for the majority of our members. Maybe some college age members. 🤣


Old Mossy Horns
You’re at the wrong beach. 👍
I lived in a condo overlooking Daytona Beach for a few years. Trust me, this stuff is pretty tame comparatively speaking and especially during Spring Break...
But I do understand that we have to consider the younger audience here...