Catch and release Friday..

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
Must be hard to stay down with those flotation devices.
I was thinking that she must move out pretty darn good, that videographer obviously couldn't keep up with her. All the camera angles seemed to be from him/her having to catch up.


Old Mossy Horns
Just matter how good looking they all are....somewhere there is a man that is sick of her

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There is also a world full of idiots..... but we’re probably talking about the same guys

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Mechanic Bob

Eight Pointer
They ALWAYS went to the other High School. ( That is because you did not look at the "Bad Ones", when visiting the other schools!


Eight Pointer
I may get burned for this BUT, These women are very attractive with nice features. Nothing beats a good regular looking girl wearing some cut off shorts a short shirt and her hair in a ponytail and baseball hat. The girl next door look is the hottest out there to me!
Alright who kidnapped Shaggy ? ^^^^^This comment makes sense .


Four Pointer
I saw Hannah out noodling on Lay a couple years ago while staying on the lake for my buddies wedding. She bad! And was getting after it up under docks to try and grab a catfish. Gotta give her props for being the real deal and not just some IG model.