Carolina Caviar


Frozen H20 Guy
Just picked 3 ripe pimentos from the garden yesterday, now I can show the MRS this thread and ask her to make me some?


Old Mossy Horns
Thought it was going towards...

Bowfin Caviar is harvested from the natural waterway and is a domestically sourced American black caviar from Bowfin, a bony fish from the Southern US backwaters. ... Bowfin caviar has small-sized pearly grains as like the bowfish.

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Old Mossy Horns
I like Pimento cheese that is home made. Some of the store bought stuff has to much salad dressing or mayo in them..just a sprinkle of cheese.


Eight Pointer
Biscuitville beats the crap outta Bojangles...

I did some checking and found pimento cheese called "Carolina Caviar " in several places. And the other stuff also. But I saw the veggie stuff called "Cowboy Caviar" in several places. Might be a regional thing.