Capt Kirk launches


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Should have held out for Musk and Space X and gotten a few actual orbits in.....but all in all a great thing to see Capt Kirk going to the edge of space. I would take that ride in a heartbeat.
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Best part is watching the rocket come back down and land, looks like the capsule hits pretty hard though
There's a blast of compressed air that fires just before impact. Slows and softens the landing. But makes a yuuge dust cloud. Even without it, they're only going around 15 mph.

BTW...I love that they use imperial units. Pisses off the elitist pricks in the chat.


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I bet that guy that opened the hatch and stuck his head in said “Whew !!!!! Which one of you crapped ? “ And all of them raised their hand . Kirk probably had his turn signal on the whole time .