Canes are snake bit


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While 3 loses in a row is not anything to get panic over these boys just can't buy a goal. We played the last place team last night and beat them on every Stat except for the one that counts goals. Heck we even put two in the net for them...... Sabers up next...... there isn't a more obnoxious fan base in the NHL ..... Saturday should be fun


Old Mossy Horns
Hot starts tend to fade. Was not at all impressed with the goal tending last night. 3 on 20 (and I think it was 3 on 16 when the last one went in) is approaching a .800 sp.. that is simply not NHL goal tending, particularly for a free agent vet... it is not great even for a rookie but I have seen them get shelled early and find their way (see Hart with Philly)

We seem to be getting back to high volumes of low % shots. Injuries and covid not helping. Long way from panic mode but they are not as solid as the start made them look top to bottom. They are a playoff team and can make a deep run if they get and stay healthy, particularly on the back end and, as it often does, it will come down to which goal tender gets hot In May/June.


Eight Pointer
Glad to see the Hurricanes stomp Buffalo 6-2 to get back in the win column. Injuries and covid, along with a condensed Olympic related schedule hasn't helped. Of course every other team will need to go through the same things. Having both power play quarterbacks out at the same time definitely crushed the PP effectiveness.

Still, their current record is 16-6-1... Think about that. Ten years ago, we would have done backflips for that record. Rod Brindamour has gotten us accustomed to having a winning team, and it's a great thing.