Can I go fishing during lockdown?


Old Mossy Horns
I sure plan to!!!

Finishing up this week with a big sale to Duke, yep, them...

After that, I'm planning on doing some fishing, no overnights, I can hit Jordon, High Rock, Badin, Randleman from where I live... :)

May even take the wife..... ;)

Maybe will let y'all have a Friday fishing pic of her!!! LOL


Twelve Pointer
My wife loves the water so much that i cant go without her.....thats ok though, she bought a triton for me for my birthday several yrs on going tomm

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Old Mossy Horns
send @Mack in N.C. a PM for a response.

i dont think that fishing per say is discussed as being banned. we do have fun figuring out the boat/travel issues in places that are SIPed.

another suggestion- put crc on ignore before he scares you with felony charges for travel.
Class 2 misdemeanor is the most you can be charged with.

So far only Graham, Dare Counties and the Great Smokies National Park are locked out to fisherpersons as I understand it

Consult your county attorney if you can go fishing and travel by car to get there.


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Might have to pull out my business card and ID if it is... shoreline inspections are part of the gig. Be a shame if all the crappie ended up going to bed with only one boat to harass them. Wonder if I can get mileage reimbursement for the Ranger 🤔


Twelve Pointer
Wylie was about 64 in places last week, but i got over 3 inches of cold rain the last couple of days. ..water up and muddy, but im gonna go tomm and ck it out

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sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
HR was 60 today (surface) bunch of cold water coming down the river (muddy) and as usual the weather man has lied. It has pushed the fish deeper.
We went to Badin Wednesday morning right after that rain, and it was terrible. Temp was 54 in the back and muddy. Came out past the mudline and got a couple bites, but the temp was still 56-58, probably 10 degrees cooler than last week. Crappie didn't like that. Drove down the lake and fished some deeper brush piles, still nothing. We found some fish, they just wouldn't bite. Hoping they are getting back to normal now.
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Duckmauler dhc

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I went Monday and Wednesday. Both days were great. Monday better for numbers. We caught between 80-100 Monday and saw a few spawners. Most were prespawn. Then Wednesday after the rain I had one of the best days I’ve ever had catching big numbers of big fish. The 2-3 cool nights pushed the fish off the bank and back into staging areas and they were loaded up. Caught a 9.94, 7.56 and a lot of 3-5 pounders. I wish this cool weather would stick for another week or 2. I love this time of the year


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I'm planning on leaving the house by 5:45 , looks like all artificial baits tomorrow.
3 rods , Light action 6lb. Trilene , Medium 8lb. trilene , Med. heavy rod 14lb. silver thread (copolymer )


Twelve Pointer
Caught some white bass, white perch, spotted bass and a smallmouth this morning. Decent bite early.
Missed the early bite on Fontana. Wish we could have been on the water for it. Managed only 5 all day, which surprised me. These were the two best, on a small paddle tail swimbait. 17’ Triton is CDC approved lol.