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Looking to buy a camper shell for a Toyota Tacoma. Not going to really camp but just to add storage space and keep stuff safe and dry. I have absolutely 0 experience with these things so all help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

mullet dredge

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I have a basic ARE shell on my Tacoma. Wont own a truck without one ever again. If you are buying new, I suggest adding a side opening window option. If buying used, Facebook Marketplace is flush with them, some good deals vs. new as well.


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I have a Leer 100XL (I believe) on my 2013 F150. I paid a little less than $2400 for it installed with a package that added roof/kayak rack, interior headliner, 12v plugs and removable forward window. I just looked at pricing and it looks like prices have exploded since I got mine.

Overall I have been very happy with the quality of it. It keeps my stuff dry/secure. When we go on hunting or golf trips my buddies always want to take my truck because of the shell.

The only downside I have is the rear door latches can be a little finicky when opening and I can't lay a 7' fishing rod in the bed if anything else is in there. But, that last issue is more because of the 5.5' bed than anything else.

I think overall any of the Leer or ARE options are quality.


Six Pointer
I've got a Leer on my Tundra. One thing I had not thought much about is the front glass being able to pop out so you can clean your back window on your cab. I don't do it much but that's nice to be able to do.


Ten Pointer
I did a lot of research on my camper top before purchasing one for my longbed 2018 Tacoma. I preferred the ARE over Leer. I have been real happy w/ mine. I agree w/ the necessity of a front window that opens & prefer the one latch keyed locking mechanism avl. instead of the 2 latches for the rear window. I got the sliding side screened windows, but never have had a reason to use them. They would come in handy if I slept in the bed though.


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I purchased a Leer camper shell for my Tacoma years ago. It was the 2nd worst quality product I've every owned, and the absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced getting it fixed. It was re-fiberglassed multiple times, and was never right. Was offered 0 for my time and effort, and ended up with a defective product.

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
I have had a borrowed one on my truck for the past 2 months. I never wanted a camper shell because I prefer the look of a bed and have had excellent versatility out of a tri-fold cover. BUT, when you need one you need one. I've used a couple different styles now, and I had one on a work truck years ago. I will probably buy one for my next truck for long hunting trips.

I would say must have's are a single opening latch, some sort of ventilation in the rear windows (either sliding or pop out) and a front fold down glass, with sliding window. LED lighting would be nice. 3rd brake light.

Dan Apple

Old Mossy Horns
I have had leer, ARE, and Ranch.... quality seems to depend on the particular shell... seen good and bad in all... .
LOVE mine and couldn't see me not having one on a truck.... I have a trailer if I need to haul something big and let's be honest... not many of us are putting big things in the back of these trucks often enough so that a trailer wouldn't work for that occasional time when something is too tall to go under the shell.


Six Pointer
Got a friend that put one on his 2020 Tacoma a year or so ago. Not sure of brand but I do remember he said it cost $5000. It has the side windows that can be opened and it matches the paint color of the truck, that desert sand or light tan color. He loves it.


Eight Pointer
I had a Leer on my old Tacoma. Got the top of the line they made at the time. It was junk. Would never buy another Leer. Buddies with ARE liked theirs. Theirs worked


Old Mossy Horns
I've had a shell since 2005 I think. It took me a while to get past the "old man" truck look, but I'm a fairly old man now, so I dgas anymore. The security and ability to keep things dry rule for me. Anything that is too tall to fit in my truck, goes on my trailer. I've had Leer and ARE along the way and both have been good quality.

Bailey Boat

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Word to the wise, if you truly want to be sealed and moisture proof install the "kit" around the tailgate to keep dust out so it looks nice inside. The "kit" is several gaskets that keep dust and moisture out which makes it MUCH better. A dealer can order them but so can you from the net.... shop carefully to find a good one...


Twelve Pointer
And it’s in! I’m excited because it can haul a bunch of equipment.


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