Twelve Pointer
I would say check craigslist but I check it 10 times a day and there are seldom any camcorders on there. I did manage to get a budget priced one a few months ago. What is your budget and what kind of filming do you want to do? Treestand, ground blind, turkey, etc?


Old Mossy Horns
I used my daughter's gopro last season. It did fine but the battery life isn't long and I felt I needed a zoom. I shot one bird at 20 yards and you can't even see him.

This season I used a "cheap" $180 Panasonic. It's small and light. I set it on a tripod beside of me and covered most of it with camo netting. It's definitely one more thing a turkey might see but I thought it did much better. I would definitely not use a gopro for long distance deer shots.