*******Calling all pistol hunters......


Ten Pointer
Didn't want to miss cyber week...

Building a frankengun bolt 22 for ultralight squirrel duty. Fiddling with cheap long-eye-relief handgun scopes to serve as quick change options on my Frankengun, Mk 3 ruger pistol, and perhaps forward mounted on my 7.62 AR upper if they hold true.
Not looking for anything to handle my 44 Blackhawk...

Who has, or was happy with the following:

Simmons ProHunter: 2x7x32 with ~20" eye relief
BSA Edge: 2x7x32 with ~18" relief
Bushnell Trophy: 2x7x32 with ~20" relief

What say ye all hunting fools????


Ten Pointer
Never used what you've mentioned.
I'm a Burris guy, since '83, when they were the LAST American company to grind their own glass.
NOW, no one does, its all Asian..but I'm still a Burris guy.

I'd ask on one of the BIG sites like 24campfire or greybeards if it was me, for a bigger pool of folks.