Cajun baked duck


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learning a new duck recipe from one of the fellows here

chopped up onions and apples


took whole ducks,,,seasoned with Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning,,, browned on a little oil (right pan) then transferred to baking pot


once all the ducks were in that left pot we covered with the onions and apples,,,

took some water to the oil in the bottom of the frying pot,,,made a quick sauce,,and added to the baking pot

into the oven at 350 for 3 hours (yeah,,,like REALLY well done).,,,

that's where it's at now - more as it comes out

hope it's GOOD!! But with these fellows, I have no doubts
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Looks delicious!

A Creole friend originally from Louisiana came over today and fixed us jambalaya. First time I ever had it. It was awesome! He used andouille chicken sausage, chicken thighs, and shrimp for the meats. You've inspired me to try to make it with wild game, @woodmoose!


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dude! The one time I stumbled backwards into an opportunity to kill a duck, I smoked it with a few ingredients...Tony C’s being one of them. Looks awesome . Onions and apples...seems we have similar taste when it comes to contrasting flavors in a dish. I can smell it thru the screen

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looks good WM but I never had much success with whole duck. always came out a little on the tough side. plus a lot of work to pick feathers and clean imho

i always breast out and soak in italian overnights. sear on hot grill or cast iron until med/med rare. serve with Uncle B wild rice. quick n easy . wood dux my fav

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