Butner depot impoundment 12/27


Four Pointer
Me and 2 buddies drew a hunt in butner depot 12/27. I’ve only laid eyes on it one time, but plan to scout it 12/26. I am curious as to what to expect. I can imagine it gets shot up with so many hunts scheduled. Not looking to cyber scout, just some general thoughts about the place. Thanks in advance! Good luck to anyone else headed out the rest of the season.


Twelve Pointer
I live close by and have been there many times. We scout with mountain bikes and binocs. I've drawn it twice. The first time we had it to ourselves. The next time we were 10 mins late and didn't get the spot we wanted. It was planted with millet that year and lotsa birds were roosted in the millet in the north field. We flushed them out going in. I was amazed at how many roosted in there. Didn't even shoot that day. This year it may not be planted. Might have corn but I wouldn't expect millet.
Leave parking lot and take first right. When road goes right take a left and follow trail down to the water. I know this might sound unsporting but if you get there first then go to the middle of the main field and maybe even send your buddy toward the timber to discourage other hunters from short-standing you. I guess that is no less unsporting than other hunters slipping in 100 yards away at daylight. Take a muck seat. Right before legal light move closer to the timber on the south side. If you don't get there first and don't get the spot I am talking about then go through the depot and take a right and go to the end of the impoundment closest to the lake.